Independence Day

While you’re sipping beer and watching things blow up today, take a moment to appreciate what it’s all about. You have the freedom, as an American, to sip beer and blow things up. Unless of course you’re under 21 years of age or live in the state of Colorado with a fire ban.

A good day to you and yours. Happy 4th of July.



Today’s post marks my 500th day in a row. Big deal. To celebrate, I’m going to write a blog post about it. Thank you for sticking with me this long. Here’s to another 500 or more!

My Daily Reading List

I read a lot these days, more than I ever have in my entire life. Almost all non-fiction. Very few books lately, almost all blogs and web news by industry. In addition to the 4,500+ emails I consume, I flip through nearly 8,000 articles every month across 57 subscriptions (with probably a 15% engagement rate).

Many people have asked me what I read, so I’ve decided to share key items on my list. This batch is ever-changing – I am very open to suggestions or criticism. I subscribe to all the following through Google Reader:

Web Tech News
Google’s Blog
Gmail’s Blog
YouTub’s Blog
Venture Hacks

The Playlist
Mondo: The Blog

Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist Blogs
AVC – Fred Wilson’s Blog
Continuations – Albert Wenger’s Blog
Both Sides of the Table – Mark Suster’s Blog
Only Once – Matt Blumberg Blog
Seth Godin’s Blog
Experiments In Lifestyle Design – Tim Ferriss’s Blog
Reinventing BusinessBruce Eckel‘s Blog
Vinicius Vacanti’s Blog
Feld Thoughts – Brad Feld’s Blog
Mendelson’s Musings – Jason Mendelson’s Blog
McInBlog – Ryan McIntyre’s Blog
Seth Levine’s Blog
Peter Levine’s Blog
Jeff Jordan’s Blog
Scott Weiss’s Blog
Ben Horowitz’s Blog
Marc Andreessen’s Blog
John O’Farrell’s Blog
David G. Cohen’s Blog
Ask the VC
Foundry Group

Desire to Inspire
A Daily Dose of Architecture
The Architecture Blog – Architecture pictures!
Inhabitat – Green technology, design and architecture

Presidential Pickup Lines
Bonkers World
Texts From Bennett

Zelda Universe – Legend of Zelda news
The Shirnal – Shirl’s travel log
The Domino Project – The future of publishing
Dr. Greer’s Blog – Extraterrestrial disclosure
Optimal Fitness Hub – Health hacks
Insights from the Corner Cubicle – Garrett Dallas’s Blog
Quantified Self – Life tracking
Information Is Beautiful – Infographics
Brain Rules – Neuroscience and life application

10 Reasons Why My Mom Is Better Than Your Mom

  1. You can talk to her about anything (except maybe computer semantics).
  2. She cares less about jewelry, makeup or fancy houses and more about good art, people, travel and food.
  3. She never says no, but she will give you a good example of why it might be a bad idea.
  4. She is straightforward and honest (no passive aggressive crap).
  5. She can have loads of fun without turning into a sloppy, embarrassing mess (thank you, Mom, for your alcohol tolerance).
  6. She works her ass off and still finds time to feed her family.
  7. She is creative, handy and inventive (I’ve never met a woman who can reuse wine corks like she can).
  8. She puts up with and endorses nerdiness like few other women can.
  9. She stops at nothing to serve her friends, students, coworkers and family.
  10. She never gives up without a fight and always forgives you.

I love you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Just Ask

We preoccupy ourselves with speculation. More than half of our stress comes from inferred details that may not even be true. We can keep working ourselves up over nothing. Or we can just ask. Ask the truth. Try to get to the bottom of things. You don’t need to be confrontational. If it helps to fight ambiguity with more ambiguity to sound less direct or confrontational, that’s fine. However you do it, just do it.

We’re Hiring

For those who do not know, I moved to Denver in November and joined Sympoz, the team behind Craftsy, to help oversee production of the site’s video course product. Together, we are building an online video education platform that helps people follow their passions and learn from renowned experts. As one of Denver’s fastest growing startups, it’s an exciting, creative and challenging place to work. I left Hollywood because no one was figuring out how to platform content online. We’ve figured it out. And it is thrilling.

We’re growing at breakneck pace and we need help. I’m looking for a dozen or more talented filmmaking professionals interested in joining the team full time, producing meaningful content and building a production division together. Specifically, I’m looking for solid cinematographers, editors and producers. Creative producers with experience directing instructional content or talent without on-camera experience. Videographers who can light small spaces dynamically, operate jibs or other dynamic rigs and anticipate action like no other. Fast editors with live switching experience or an eye for long form. I’m looking for specialists that are not one-trick ponies – willing to do it all and get your hands dirty. There’s a fair amount of travel involved. I hope to find work-hard/play-hard people with great ideas on optimizing process and raising the bar. Benefits. Medical. Dental. Vision. Life. Equity in the company. Open vacation policy. Booze, ball games and a lot of fun. We have a blast and we’re making a difference in people’s lives.

Not a film professional? There’s plenty of other open positions. If you are interested in any of them, let me know and I can help direct you. Email me directly at