Put Yourself Out There

If you’re not meeting new people in new places, you’re not testing yourself or your character. You’re sure as hell not networking. Packed bars, group outings, random parties and networking mixers are all perfect places to practice your elevator pitch about yourself or projects in a fairly consequence-free environment. Without practice, there’s really no way to know if you’re actually connecting with people. These loud and impersonal events are not great for building intimate relationships with other people, but they are great for getting to know yourself. The next time you’re invited to a gathering and have nothing to do, get out of the house and go. Mix it up, try a couple different methods for introducing yourself. Take notes afterwards on what worked and what didn’t. You might learn a thing or two about your pitch, your idea or yourself.


Finish Strong

People remember you by the manner through which you leave them. Want to preserve a good reputation long term? Do everything in your power to walk away on a good note. No matter the circumstances, bring closure to the meeting or relationship. Leave nothing unsaid, unfinished, or unfriendly. Get your job done, do it better than ever, and walk out with your head held high. Leave with a positive, lasting impression.