Daily Dose of Peace

Dr. Craig Ormiston recommends one dose of peace everyday. Ten minutes where you can sit back and breathe. Lay down. Close your eyes. Silence your phone. Clear your mind. Remember that you are alive. I suggest resting in the grass, staring into the sky. Take a break when you’re overwhelmed, when you need it the most. Work can wait. Chores can wait. People can wait.

Re-center your energy. It’s important.


Mondays Should Die

You had an amazing weekend with family and friends. Parties. Activities. Errands. Rock and roll. Guess what? Back to work! It’s Monday time!

I hate Mondays. I am willing to bet you do not like them either. A great taste in your mouth soured by the burdens of a professional life. Most people have really rough starts on Mondays. Few deals get closed. Very little work gets done. Most people spend the better part of their day trying to switch into productive mode. After a short burst of personal time over the weekend, Monday rear-ends and whiplashes the hell out of you.

I say we kill Mondays. That’s right. Kill Monday. Embrace the three-day weekend. A day to be social, a day to do personal work, and a day to rest. Start the week on Tuesday and only work four days. Think you won’t get the same amount of work done? Just try it. I guarantee that you will fill the time with the same amount of work.

Worried you’ll miss customers or clients on Monday? Most people are preoccupied with their own hellish Mondays to care about your business, so no worries. And besides, if you set the expectations of outsiders by informing them that you do not operate on Mondays, they will catch on, deal with it, and not resent you. You do not want the complaining customers anyway.

But every week needs to start, right? So won’t starting the week one day later just shift the burden of hate to Tuesday? Perhaps. But have you ever heard of the work-life balance? Splitting the week nearly in half with weekend and work week will help balance the amount of time you invest in yourself and invest in your work. By the end of the long weekend, you will feel more inclined to pick up the pen again. After you are rested, caught up, and partied out, you will feel the need to get back to work. In fact, you may even WANT to go back to work.

And why not take Friday off instead? Since most employees are procrastinators by nature, Friday is valuable real estate for last minute productivity. And since other companies you do business with are probably procrastinating as well, there will be less friction if you continue to operate on Friday. While everyone else is working on Monday, you can take the time for yourself to recover from your weekend and rest up before a new week. A healthier team and a healthier life. 

Sound utopian? Maybe. But worth the experiment. When I run a business, I plan to give it a shot.

Digital Silence

So much of our daily lives rely on phones and computers. We’re connected at every turn, every minute of the day. And most of our entertainment and hobbies now pipes through the network. We never get a break.

Want to truly relax? Need a real vacation? Then turn off your phone and close your laptop. Set everything aside and step into digital silence. For a week, weekend, afternoon, or for even five minutes – you will be surprised how great it can feel. Afraid people will miss you? That’s what voicemail and vacation email responders are for.

Set yourself free.