If You Have Something To Say…

…then say it. You will stress yourself out more by keeping it in. You will stress others out more by being passive aggressive and cryptic. You will waste time prolonging the inevitable, enduring unnecessary hardships or twisting the knot too tight. Before you open your mouth, you should always think about what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. But there’s never really a good reason to keep your mouth shut entirely. It’s important and therapeutic to speak your mind. It’s equally important to let others speak their minds as well.

Passive Aggressive

Confront the issue directly. Blow steam to someone else first if you need to, but don’t wait to deal with the tension at hand. It will only blow up in your face later. Like water boiling on a stove, you may get burned if you wait too long. Definitely do not ignore the situation and let the water to boil out entirely because you will be left with a charred and unusable pan.