What Do Black Beans, Honda Civics And The Black Keys All Have In Common?

They remind me of my brother. Today’s your birthday, Kyle. Happy birthday. You badass.

And while I’m at it, another 23 things that remind me of you (get it – because you’re 23 years old?):

  1. Jedi Outcast
  2. Hard Days at Preschool
  3. Tuvok
  4. Guitars
  5. Goodwill
  6. Richard Cheese
  7. Klondike
  8. Auburn Lane
  9. Galactic Battlegrounds
  10. Pretentious Artwork
  11. Scrambled Eggs
  12. Xeriscape
  13. The Onion
  14. Pokémon Red
  15. Ghana
  16. 7-11
  17. Cinnamon Applesauce
  18. Canadians
  19. Vietnam
  20. Weird Al
  21. Vinyl
  22. Calvin and Hobbes
  23. Hippies

Twelve Benefits of a Christmas Birthday

My birth date competes with the birth of a holy savior and the largest commercial holiday of the year. Many people hear that and cringe. Almost everyone asks about combined gifts, getting swept under the rug, or relocating the celebration to the summer solstice. While I wouldn’t mind being able to see friends on my birthday every once in a while, I absolutely love my birthday. My parents always worked hard to make sure I got my fair share of gifts and attention. I am lucky and blessed. Some of the other notable benefits:

1. I get to pick the menu.
2. Almost everyone has the day off.
3. I only need to write thank you notes once a year.
4. You get to spend the day with family, even members who live far away.
5. Old friends are in town, making it easier to connect and party around the date.
6. You’re not the only one opening gifts (it’s awkward otherwise).
7. Presents can be bigger and more expensive.
8. It’s better than being overshadowed by Christmas with a birthday just before or after.
9. Everyone is usually in good spirits.
10. The world decorates, plays music, and anticipates my birthday.
11. It’s impossible for me and close friends to forget.
12. It feels like a special date (rather than just another work day)

My Birthday Wish

Tomorrow, I turn 24. For my birthday, I have only one favor to ask you: let your loved ones know you appreciate them. Be creative, fancy, or just plain sincere. No matter how you do it, make sure they know they are loved. And know that I love you. Thank you for making my 23rd year on this planet a warm adventure.


Happy Birthday, Brother!

22 years ago today, my little brother Kyle was born. We are 18 months apart and could not be better friends. We’ve made great memories, nearly killed each other several times, and had a blast over the years. Thank you, Kyle, for teaching me that random is healthy. Thank you for reminding me to have fun. And thank you for supporting me through it all. You raise me up on a pedestal, but you deserve far more praise than I. You go where your heart takes you, love everyone, and are not afraid to be yourself. I have so much more to learn.

Take care of yourself in South Korea, brother. If you decide to have Asian babies, please do not name one of them Tuvok.