My Birthday Wish

Tomorrow, I turn 24. For my birthday, I have only one favor to ask you: let your loved ones know you appreciate them. Be creative, fancy, or just plain sincere. No matter how you do it, make sure they know they are loved. And know that I love you. Thank you for making my 23rd year on this planet a warm adventure.



2 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish

  1. We do not get to choose our arrival into this world.

    We do get to choose how we will spend the annual celebration of that amazing event.

    We do get to choose who we will celebrate that day with, and revel in the amazing fact that life is so precious.

    You are a precious gift to us all, and for that we are all most thankful.

    Personally, I was very happy that you chose to include me in very important parts of your 22nd year. And it is with great honor that I feel as though I am included as one of your friends and colleagues. At the very least we share an affection for our alma mater.

    Always let your light shine, no matter how dim the surroundings. Because you never know what path you illuminate for others to follow.

    You are a cherished gift for us all!

    • Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for that kind message. It is an absolute pleasure to share this life and all of our experiences with you. Here’s to many more! Cheers to the future!

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