Actions Argue Louder Than Words

Debate can only get you so far. There can be more direct ways to prove your point. When arguments crop up, set them aside, tentatively concede, or agree to disagree. Then find another actionable way to prove your point. Execute your vision, implement your procedure, test the waters – and return with indisputable support for your position. If you are confident without question, waste no time. If you fail to deliver, you can swallow your pride and know that you tried. If you succeed, you can save face with humility and a greater sense of accomplishment. What you do is more persuasive than what you say.


Reward Yourself

A major accomplishment, surviving a challenge, or simply making it through a long week are excuses enough to celebrate. A nice dinner, outing with friends, or a full night sleep – whatever it takes to let off steam and conclude the trial. Treat yourself to punctuate the deed. You deserve it.

End Your Day Complete

You will sleep better having checked off just one last task on your list before calling it a day. If needed, finish it right before you hit the pillow – whatever it takes to clear your conscience before shutting down. I do not condemn the nights where a whirling mind delays sleep, but those nights are often preventable if you need the extra hours invested in your rest.

End on a Good Note

Finish the day having completed something. Finish the meal with your favorite bite. Finish the conversation with a hug and a smile. Finish happy and fulfilled.

Life is full of transitions. Each step bleeds into the next. Want to increase the odds of a great next step? End the previous step on a good note and carry that sense of accomplishment forward.

Never end on a bad note. No matter how painful, it’s worth the fight to make things right. It’s worth the energy and time to end things well.