Don’t Cut Spending. Make More Money!

Many twentysomethings live paycheck to paycheck. Very rough riding. Most people in this situation try to spend less and make do with what they have. Ramen noodles, no nights out, no entertainment purchases. I think this is the wrong attitude. Instead of protecting every little dime you have, invest your energy into making more money. Side projects, tutoring, part-time work, surveys, leveraging a raise, finding a higher paying job. The opportunities are endless. There’s a limit to how much you can cut from your spending, but no limit to the amount you can make.

Ramit Sethi is a strong proponent of this train of thought. While I find his advice verbose, he makes several great suggestions.

Before you can set out to bring home extra bacon, you need to ask yourself one really important question: do you think you are worth more in the first place? If you do not believe you are, then no one else will either. But if you truly believe, then the money will come. I was frustrated with my work last year and felt I deserved more. I modestly outlined my needs to continue providing the same level of value to my company and was met with a 33% raise.

Believe you are worth more. Act like you are worth more. Life will sort itself out.