Think Big

Why solve small problems when you can solve large ones? Why change the life of one when you can change the lives of many? Do not sell yourself short. Do not shy from a challenge. The difference between big and small impact lies not in financial or material resources, but in ingenuity and imagination. Think big, live big, solve big. Why not?

How Blogging Can Help Build Your Net Worth

31 posts, 7,104 words, 311 unique readers, 1,721 article views, 27 states and 11 countries later, I have completed my first objective:  blog every day in the month of March. It has been an extremely fulfilling experience, to say the least. Blogging has helped me:

  • Learn to overcome procrastination on a micro task level.
  • Develop the essential skill of writing.
  • Communicate concepts otherwise lost in my head.
  • Increase social media exposure.
  • Reconnect with old friends.
  • Introduce me to professionals in my industry and others.

It is amazing how much blogging can help you connect. My network is far more dynamic and rich than it was a month ago (and I do not think that has to do with the weather). I cannot say this enough, but a stronger network correlates with your personal net worth. You are more valuable if more people know you well.

I cannot recommend blogging enough.  I will write soon about blogging tactics that have helped me build a daily audience.

I am on a role, have formed the habit, and have no intention of slowing down.  I commit to blogging every single day through the remainder of 2011.  

For every day I fail to blog in 2011, I will donate to charity $1 per total unique reader visiting my site.

And for those fooled, I am NOT moving to Europe. America is ripe with opportunity and I have much left to do!

Form a habit.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I want to write again.  Starting March 1st, I will post once a day.  For every day that I fail to post in March, I will donate to charity $2 for every Facebook Like I have on all blog posts by April 1st. 

(Fail days) x (Total Likes) x $2 = Charity Donation

Time for a journey.