Make It Memorable

Special moment? Do anything you can to preserve it. Take a picture, scribble a note or steal a memento. Mark the occasion with celebration. Indulge in vice or break your own rules if you have to. Whatever it takes to help you hold onto the moment forever. Do not count on memory; it may fail you later. More likely than not, your recollection of the event will lapse from relevancy. Even the slightest trinket or scribble can help it all come back when you least expect it. Life is made up of poignant moments. It is important to revisit, track and learn from them. Nostalgia helps you recontextualize the things that are most important in life. If you collect anything, collect memories.

Attitude Upon Completion

Nothing will ever be perfect, so get used to it. You can always do better. But you will make yourself sick and depressed chasing perfection through life. And you will pain the people who support and work hard for you.

Look back on your accomplishments and accept that you did your best work. Wear a smile on your face and offer thanks to anyone who helped you out.

Do not settle for less than amazing work. But be careful striving for more than that.

Perfection may be the path to ruin.