Bad Ideas Are Good

Writer’s block is a very difficult dragon to slay. Bad ideas are better than nothing – at least you are coming up with ideas at all. A pile of bad ideas can still be useful. Never kill a bad idea prematurely. Let it run its course, in tandem with other bad ideas. Bad ideas can overlap and form alliances. Enough bad ideas can inspire a good one. Keep your mind open. Let the ideas flow. Analyze and annotate without surgery or criticism. Brainstorm until you can brainstorm no more. Then dig the gem out from underneath the rubble.


2 thoughts on “Bad Ideas Are Good

  1. I was just reading a lengthy interview with Stephen King, and the interviewer reminded people that King once advised writers to write everyday, even if it’s just 300 words a day. By the end of the year, you will have written enough for a novel! Some of those bad ideas might become quite profitable.

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