The Story of Life in Three Acts

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. We call it a “three-act” structure. Life also has a beginning, middle and an end. Life is your story. So how can you classify the three acts of your own life?

Act 1: Learn
We spend the first part of our lives learning to walk, talk and rock-n-roll. We study under the older and wiser in prep for phase two.

Act 2: Do
We spend the next part of our lives applying our education. We get our hands dirty, build things and wander the bumpy roads of adulthood.

Act 3: Teach
We spend the last part of our lives recovering and reflecting. We share our stories, our mistakes, our lessons. We chronicle our past and curate our biographies. We try to convert our story into meaningful text that can guide the future.

The activities of learning, doing and teaching are not exclusive to only one part of life, but they certainly anchor the growing, maturing and aging phases of natural development. What phase of life are you in? How have you deviated from or broken this structure?

Get off your computer and go live your story.