Sides of the Hill

The grass may not be greener on the other side. Always scout the other side, just in case (if nothing else, enjoy the hike). If it isn’t lush, you can find another hill (really difficult for most people to do) or build irrigation to make your side of the hill greener. A bit of manicuring and watering goes a long way.


Meet the Day

If you wake up and curse the day ahead, you already lose. Meet the day with pride and determination. Wake up early if that makes you feel better and face the day head on. Convince yourself it will be a good day and have no doubt in your mind. Positive energy goes a long way in the universe.

The Hat-Trick of Leadership

While it takes many different ingredients to make a leader, some of the greatest I study share the following three traits:

  1. Higher Purpose – for the mission and for humanity abroad.
  2. Steadfast Optimism – faith in people, the direction, and positive results.
  3. Genuine Patriotism – in service of and love for the family or organization at hand.

Do you have what it takes?