Take the Scenic Route

On the path to branching out and exploring life, consider taking the scenic route. The most direct route seldom overlaps more sensational routes. Whether on purpose or by accident, take the road less traveled. With or without a map, the adventure can take you to new places and allow you to see things few people take the time to see. Detours open doors to new restaurants, neighborhoods, architecture, nature and people. Who knows what you might find or connect with. Just one day per week, budget an extra ten minutes for your commute and try a new path. See where it takes you. Who knows? You might fall in love.


The Best Kind of Roommate

…is one you can talk to. I find little more therapeutic than coming home to a good conversation. Party friends, work friends and game buddies often make lousy roommates. Find someone with whom you can vent or philosophize. Same applies to the person you marry. Sex only lasts so long – make sure you’re with someone you’ll still be relieved to see and talk to everyday when you’re old and broken.