Predictably Unpredictable

You can always count on true artists to surprise you. With a sense of regularity, the greats always deliver the same quality with a different twist. The same gets old, so it’s important to keep things fresh. We put less stock in sequels that merely re-deliver the original and our hearts into sequels that reinvent the wheel. We come to trust creators that, in any other forum, would not be trusted. And we always look forward to the next trick.

Want to be great? Learn to surprise audiences on a regular schedule.

How to be an Artist

Simple: learn to quit.

Art is never finished. Therefore, the trick is learning to let go.

A doodler releases his or her work into the world when she or he is ready.

A true artist releases his or her work into the world when the art is ready.

The key to great art is not skill, but timing.