Dreams Aren’t Real Enough

Dreams remain fantasies until you write them down. On paper, a dream transforms into a plan. With a plan, you can see it as you do your own to-do list. Others can see it as well and jump on board. Pitch your plan. Wear it on a t-shirt. Share it with everyone. After all, someone might want to help you. You may even start to believe that it’s more than just a dream.

Take your dream out of its fantasy box and put it in a place where it can become a reality. Keep calling it a dream and it will always stay that way.


1 thought on “Dreams Aren’t Real Enough

  1. Hi Craig,

    I could not agree more. I see putting a dream “on paper” as defining a goal? (business or
    personal) (i.e.plan) One of my favorite saying: “What is the difference between a dream
    and a goal (plan)?
    A timeline.
    C’est vrai. N’est ce pas?

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