Get Ahead

While procrastination may successfully contain a task in a narrow window of time, it leaves little room for error. Why not ramp up, cross things off of your list and finish early? If you are ten steps ahead, any setback has a cushion. You will be less likely to fall behind. And from the mouth of a man who deserves the procrastination crown, trust me, it feels better to know you’re ahead. Stay ahead if you can.


2 thoughts on “Get Ahead

  1. Ah, yet procrastination has its place. The pressure induces innovation and creativity that would not otherwise happen is a state of happy bliss and the stupor of contentedness. We need that rush of fear and adrenaline that an imposing deadline offers us in order to truly energize our thoughts. In the pressure induced moments of zen comes the clarity of thought necessary to actually see the right path to the big picture. And what the heck, if we actually err, we can learn from that too. Staying ahead works well is a bear is chasing you, but the thrill of just barely making that deadline is just such a wonderful rush. Keeps one young (or feeling that way 😉

    • Yes it does, sir. Yes it does. It think a balance is in order – some projects are too ambitious in scope to procrastinate (I’m suffering from that type of project now, hence the post). That said, my tardiness in starting has lit a fire under my ass to sold creative problems efficiently. And the discoveries I am making under pressure are exhilarating.

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