A Skinnier Colorado

Trust for America’s Health ran a report on obesity rates in the United States.  With little surprise, Colorado ranked the lowest in the nation with a 19.1% obesity rate (Mississippi being the highest at 33.8%).  While this average does not hold for the Black and Latino population, it is a pretty strong representation of Colorado’s health values and qualities.

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Strict state-wide public nutritional standards and the preservation of recreational open spaces no doubt contribute to a better Colorado.  But I find this ranking even more notable considering that Colorado has not mandated body mass index (BMI) screenings or Complete Streets legislation like many other states trying to cut down on obesity – Colorado predominantly trusts Coloradans to be healthy.  Perhaps a lesson in parenting?

All pride behind me, 19.1% is one out of every five people!  Thankfully not a third of our population like Mississippi, but a huge slice nonetheless!  We still have work to do.