Accomplishments are not imprinted to your memory as well without celebration. Hard work must be acknowledged and rewarded. Make a party out of it. Consummate the success. Make a big deal. You deserve it.

Want to remember the glory forever? Treat yourself to a night you’ll never forget.

Clean Up Your Mess & Re-Learn Something New

It’s worth organizing and filing old documents, especially items from college. Papers you wrote. Worksheets you completed. Projects you submitted. Course readers. Class notes. To reduce the clutter in my life, I am scanning all of my college documents as digital copies and recycling the leftovers. Through the process, you skim almost everything. Inadvertently, you remember (and re-learn) old things that you learned long ago and have since forgotten. Little lessons here, little takeaways there. Organizing your life in this way is a magical experience. I suggest you try it.